November 2014
Monday, November 10, 2014
What if we could walk along time?
As I put my youngest daughter to sleep the other night, she looked more like her 4-month-old self than her 4-year-old self. I watched as her eyelids opened and closed and then fluttered open and closed again more slowly until they stayed closed. Exactly how she fell asleep as a baby.

In that moment, I caught a glimpse at the past, and it felt like only yesterday she was that 4-month-old baby. My mind reminded me otherwise.

Most years, as the holidays start to approach, I feel as if the days disappear faster. I keep looking at my calendar in disbelief. Is it really a little over two weeks away from Thanksgiving and six weeks from Christmas?

Somedays I wish I could take a step back in time or make time move a little more slowly. I want to savor the beauty that can be seen in a day, a hour, a minute. Savor the beauty of childhood, which as an adult I now appreciate, with it’s worry free days spent playing. Somedays I wish I could step back into a completely different age, before I was born, and experience life before industrialization and the constant rush to move forward. But I can’t.

Time continually moves forward with no opportunity to press a rewind or fast forward button. All I have are my memories or the stories created by others to give me a glimpse of the past or of the possibility of what our future could look like. But I still wish for a physical moment in the past and the future. Like many, I still the wonder if the impossibility of time travel will one day be possible.

I imagine what a walk along time would feel like. Sometimes I imagine my center pulling in as the lights zoom past in my side vision. Other times I imagine a step along time like it is a step across a room, except the objects blur as a walk through time until I step off the path into the new period.

When I pondered the ability to travel across time as I saw my daughter fall asleep, I wondered if my girls too would like to take a similar trip in time.

My 4-yr-old wanted to walk to the future where she is “big” and she can “do whatever she wanted to do…like type on Mommy’s computer.”

My 6-yr-old also wanted to go forward in time because “you could see stuff than you’ve never ever, ever, ever….ever seen before!”

My 8-yr-old wanted to walk to both the past and the future. She wanted to go back “to see what the ages were like before [she] was living” and to go forward to “see what [her] future would be like.”

Although I know that time is a one-way road that doesn’t allow for U-turns, I couldn’t help but think otherwise as my girls talked about seeing the past and the future. Perhaps if I walked long enough through time, I would eventually find myself back at the beginning of my journey and discover time is not an infinite line but a circle. Perhaps time is a squiggly line that criss-crosses itself, and my glimpse of my daughter sleeping, my deja vu moment, was where my time path crossed itself.

Either way, there never seems to be enough time! So, until time travel is possible, I will continue to enjoy the everyday small moments and blessings that make life worth living and for which time allows.

Have you ever wanted to travel across time? Where would you go? Feel free to leave a comment below.
Taylor posted on November 10, 2014
I liked that one. I can't tell you how often I've pondered similar thoughts. Keep up the great work.
Michelle Karene posted on November 10, 2014
Taylor, I'm glad you enjoyed the post and that we're thinking along the same time wavelengths.
Posted by Michelle
Monday, November 17, 2014
10 aMUSING Thoughts (# 4)
The silly and loving comments my children make are some of my favorite remarks I hear during the day. Here is another sampling of their unique sayings.

1) “I don’t want to ask for trouble,” said my daughter in response to me telling her that she was “asking for trouble.” I tried my best to keep from smiling as I explained to her that if her inappropriate behavior continued, she would find herself in timeout.

2) “You can’t pick up the kitchen…it’s too heavy for you to pick up,” said my daughter in response to, “I need to pick up the kitchen first.” Next time I’ll be sure to say, “I need to clean the kitchen.” I guess I still haven’t learned that my youngest daughter takes the words I say LITERALLY!

3) “What are you doing?” I asked.
“This,” my four-year-old said.
“What exactly is this?” I asked
“What I’m doing!” she said.
And around and around we went. I guess I also haven’t learned that my girls will not explain everything to my liking.

4) “Mommy, can I tell you something?” my daughter asked. (Oh no, I thought. Rarely do I hear something good after this comment.)
“Yes,” I said.
“I brushed my teeth with soap…it didn’t taste good,” she said.
After I stopped laughing, I asked, “Did you rinse your brush out?”
“No, I used my sisters,” she said as she ran off to play. (Oh, the joys of siblings!)

5) “It’s blading,” said my daughter about a ladybug spinner spinning in circles
(see michellekarene.com/default.php?content=blog&sid=6&date=2014-10#54 for image).
I loved the use of blade as a descriptor. I now imagine other objects, like helicopters and windmills, blading through the air.

6) “I can mind you!”
I thought she meant I command you, but she actually meant I can read your mind. Either way, I was amused.

7) My four-year-old went up to her daddy, tapped-tapped on his forehead, and said, “That’s your brain thinking!”
Not sure why she did this, but it pleased me to see that 1) she knew where her brain was and 2) that it was used for thinking.

8) “Do you need your daddy to kiss you goodnight?” I asked.
“No,” my daughter said.
“Why?” I asked
“My heart is already filled with love for him,” she said.
Her smile confirmed her contentment that all was good for that night. And I secretly wished that it would always stay filled with love!

9) After a kiss goodnight, my daughter rubbed her cheek with the bed sheet. “Why are you rubbing it off?” I asked.
My daughter smiled and said, “That way it goes into your cheek, through your body, and into your heart.”
I couldn’t help but think, Rub all those goodnight kisses in!

10) I love you are three of my favorite words, especially when my daughters say them, but now I have five new favorites to add to that list. At a retreat this past weekend, my eldest daughter had to look me in the eye and complete the sentence, “Thank you for____.” She could have chosen a myriad of words to finish that statement, but she chose to say, “Thank you for loving me.” Tears rose to my eyes as those five little words sunk in. Amazingly special doesn’t even begin to describe how that statement made me feel. I encourage anyone to share these words with the people in their lives that offer the gift of love. It may add five special words to someone’s list of favorites and fill their heart with love at the same time.

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What silly, amusing, or thoughtful remarks do your children say? Feel free to leave a comment below.
Taylor posted on November 17, 2014
Yeah ... Number 4 made me crack up.
Michelle Karene posted on November 18, 2014
Thanks, Taylor! Sisters and brothers are the best!
Cornelius Bigsby posted on November 26, 2014
These are priceless. You should pen a book with these quotes, thoughts and musings.
Michelle Karene posted on November 26, 2014
Thank you, Cornelius! I am so glad you enjoyed these comments. I will definitely keep your idea in mind.
Posted by Michelle