May 2015
Monday, May 04, 2015
What Do You Do With An Idea?
I first came across this picture book about a year ago and since then I have read it a multitude of times to my kids, to kids at the school, and to myself. Although I know how the story will end, I never tire of reading it or viewing the beautiful illustrations.

We all have ideas. Some are ignored or forgotten. Some start small but spark larger ideas. Some start big and consume all our thinking power.

But each idea has an element of fragility, and with a little nurturing, keeps an idea growing.

As a mother of three, my girls constantly have new ideas. They enjoy creating the visions in their minds.

Here is what my girls had to say about what they like to do with their ideas:

4-yr-old: I make something up and sometimes I put it outside or inside or in a wagon, a bag, the car…(the list went on, but now I know why she is constantly putting items into book bags and purses).

See this blog post for her “birdselage” creation: www.michellekarene.com/default.php?content=blog&sid=3&date=2014-04-14#8

6-yr-old: That’s what I do. Just do it!…do art…reading

8-yr-old: I like to sometimes try to do them if I can…some ideas are good and bad…sometimes I like to put my ideas down on paper.

As a writer, I too like to put my ideas down on paper. I have also been known to sit and draw a picture, make a list, pick up book and read, or re-read a book I enjoy, like What Do You Do With An Idea? by Kobi Yamada, illustrated by Mae Besom. This picture book is on my list of top picture books not only because I want to re-read it again and again but also because each time I read it, I feel inspired.

What books inspire you? Feel free to leave a comment.
Sima Mittal posted on May 21, 2015
'The Gift of the Sun' by Dianne Stewart , is one book that really inspires me because I am lazy too. But I too would like to come up with great ideas that would keep me busy!
Michelle Karene posted on May 21, 2015
I have not yet read "The Gift of the Sun." Thank you for the suggestion.
Posted by Michelle